4 Simple Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Tips – Eco Friendly, No Chemicals Needed!

Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Tips

If you have microfiber cloths here are 4 simple microfiber cloth cleaning tips you can start doing right away ! They’ll make your cleaning easy, efficient, and effective, and the best part is you don’t even need chemical cleaners or other cleaning products. If you are looking for how to wash or clean microfiber, check this post out instead (How to wash microfiber).

1. Clean Green and Eco-Friendly! Use Water

Did you know that microfiber has been proven to clean great with just water? That’s because microfiber is extremely small, 1/100th the diameter of a human hair to be exact, and some microfiber is even smaller than that! This means that microfiber can effectively pick up a variety of dust, dirt, debris, and even bacteria all by itself. The water helps to break down the substances. Not only will this save you money on chemical cleaners, but it is a much healthier and more eco-friendly way to clean too! To learn more about just how microfiber and water can clean so great together, check out this article.

2. Avoiding Disposable Options By Folding Your Towels

Always fold your towel once or twice to ensure you have multiple cleaning sides of the towel. This way you can make sure you are always using a clean side of the towel. You can even dampen one side with water to clean and dry with the other side! This tip is a great way to ensure you aren’t unecessarily using paper towels or disposable wipes.

3. Light To Heavy Duty Cleaning

Microfiber is great at picking things up, but it’s also very porous too! This means simply rinsing out the towel is a great way to rid it of the dirty water you absorbed while cleaning. Always clean your lightly soiled surfaces first, then rinse your towel and move onto the more heavy duty tasks. Doing this will avoid using extra microfiber towels. Now that’s cleaning smarter not harder!

4. Prevent Cross Contamination: Color-Coding

Color coding is a great way to ensure you aren’t cross contaminating. Doing so can result in less use of chemical cleaners and having to wash your microfiber towels less often. It’s best to always have a system in place, if you need some tips or ideas on how to do this check out our guide.

Conclusion: Microfiber Cloths Make Cleaning Easy

Microfiber is great for so many reasons, the above are just a few. If you are in need of some microfiber cloths, we specialize in microfiber cloths made for professional cleaners. That doesn’t mean if you don’t clean for a living, that you shouldn’t buy our products. It does mean that we guarantee our microfiber cloths are high quality. Here’s a link to our Microfiber Towels

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