Buff™ Pro Microfiber Towels – What You Need To Know!

It was our goal to provide Professional Cleaners and household cleaning enthusiasts with a better microfiber towel, without costing them a fortune. We can confidently say that with over 1.7 K reviews on Amazon, and our most popular selling product on our website, that we’ve reached that goal! So what makes Buff™ Pro Microfiber Towels different?

Tested For Durability

How long do microfiber towels last? While we can’t speak for competing brands, we wanted to make sure our towels kept their effectiveness through hundreds of machine launderings. To do this we had Precision Testing Laboratories Inc. machine wash our microfiber towels up to 250 times! We are proud to say after 250 machine washings our towels remained 87% as effective as they were when received. So if you are washing your towels once a week, these towels should stay effective for about 5 years! You can see the results directly from the lab here, or review our chart below.

Tested For Quality

Yes we’ve tested for quality too! A high-quality microfiber cloth should be soft, absorbent, and have great cleaning power (able to attract dust and dirt like a magnet). In fact, many of our customers love using these towels to clean with just plain water! While things like softness and how much dust is picked up aren’t easy to put a numeric value on, we did run some tests comparing them to other top brands on Amazon. Check out our short clip below

The Secret? Intra Weave

What is Intra Weave? Intra Weave is what gives Buff™ Pro the added microfiber to make a softer, more absorbent, and better cleaning towel, as seen in the video above. How does it work? Well Most microfiber towels have their microfiber woven into a 100% polyester ground fabric. Buff™ Pro Microfiber Towels have their microfiber woven into a 50% Polyester 50% Microfiber blend ground fabric, thus giving the towel more microfiber! To learn more about how Intra Weave works, check out our chart below.

Responsibly Sourced Microfiber

We believe in sourcing our products responsibly and that starts by choosing the best manufacturers. Quality is as important to us as it is with our manufacturers, and we want our customers to know that. Learn more about our manufacturers and how they do business (Go To Article)

What Can I Use Them For?

Our Buff™ Pro Microfiber Towels  can be used on pretty much anything! Use them to remove gunk off your counters, dust shelves, remove streaks on glass, polish your stainless steel, dry your car, etc. Our customers use these towels so many different ways that we believe telling you how to use them limits your creativity. If you need some ideas though, check out this video. We offer these towels in a variety of colors and sizes, and we even have an antimicrobial option. Visit our link below to find the best option for you.

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