How to keep your floor clean when you have a pet.

Pet hair on the floor, we know it all to well

I love my dog. He’s a 7 year old American Akita named Kyo. He’s a good boy, gentle and loyal. He has a coat that’s as soft as a mink! In late spring he “blows his coat”. If you’re unfamiliar with dogs blowing their coat it’s kind of like shedding on steroids. Think of it like this: Shedding is like dragging your Christmas Tree out of the house sometime between Christmas and New Years. You’re going to have some pine needles on the floor, but it won’t be too bad. A dog blowing his coat is like dragging the Christmas tree out in February. You can’t even believe the tree had that many needles to begin with. It’s a mess.

pet hair cleaning

Kyo really is part of our family and he’s allowed in the house. For most of the year his coat isn’t too much trouble, but for a little while in late spring he’s a disaster. Fortunately the alpha dog in our pack, me, happens to be an importer of the finest microfiber cleaning products known to man!

When our dog is blowing his coat, we do the same thing you should when your dog sheds, dust mop your floor with microfiber. You guys, it’s so easy to do… it literally takes a minute or so to dust mop a thousand square feet. If you know the right way to mop (mopping in a motion similar to a figure 8, keeping the leading edge of the mop moving forward) you’re pretty much guaranteed to collect all the hair on your hardwood or tile floors.

Check out this video for more on cleaning up dog hair… and then buy a microfiber mop kit:



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