Mini Microfiber Mop System

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Mini Microfiber Mop System
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  • Professional Microfiber Mop System At An Unbeatable Price! You Won’t Find Anything Close To This In A Store. Everything you need to keep your floors spotless in half the time of traditional mops! Get your hands on this now and experience the difference for yourself. Start enjoying the benefits today.
  • Don't Miss A Spot! Easily Mops & Manuevers In Tight Spaces. Don't let dirt sit and collect in those hard to reach spaces, such as edges and corners. Get your entire floor clean the first time!  
  • Want The Cleanest Floors In Town? It’s Easy…And A Little Bit Fun! I know…pushing a mop around can never be fun, can it? What if you could get your floors looking absolutely gorgeous in just a few minutes…with minimal physical effort? The first time you use it, you’ll notice the difference. If you don’t enjoy how much quicker and better this is…we’ll send you your money back.
  • Go Green & Avoid The Chemicals Without Sacrificing Getting Your Floors Clean. Dangerous chemicals are a thing of the past! Simply combine the natural power of our machine washable microfiber mops with water and you’ll notice the difference the very first time you use it! Don’t believe me? Just try it.
  • Use As Scrubber  & Then Follow Up With A Wet Mop For The Most Thorough Clean. Use this as a tag-team and get your floors sparkling in just a few minutes! Remove the nasty stuck on dirt with the scrubber mop pad, then use the premium wet mop pad to give your floors a streak free shine! 

Product Details

Microfiber Wholesale’s Microfiber Mini Mop System gives you everything you need to mop hard to reach places in your home, apartment, or office. The kit includes a sturdy 9” Heavy Duty Aluminum frame,  6' Stainless Steel Threaded Handle, one 10" Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pad, and one 10" Microfiber Scrubber Mop Pad. This kit works perfectly in bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere else where you are mopping in tight spaces and around multiple objects. Use the Scrubber Mop Pad to remove tough and stuck on dirt and debris, then switch to a microfiber wet mop pad to get a deeper clean. The wet mop pad can be dampened with just warm water for a 100% green way to clean your floors, or you can add a chemical cleaner if you feel like disinfecting is needed.

For more information on each item included in the Microfiber Mop System or to add additional microfiber mops to your order click the links below. Included:
9” Heavy Duty Aluminum frame
6' Stainless Steel Threaded Handle
(1) 10" Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pad
(1) 10" Microfiber Scrubber Mop Pad

*Note: Item does not come packaged for retail. Orders for multiple systems come bulk packed.


Microfiber Mop System
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Professional Microfiber Mop System
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