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Bottle Rocket Mop Kit
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Price: $136.95
Item Number: MBMK

Our 16” Bottle Rocket Mop is for those who want to leave the mop bucket behind! The pressurized tank releases an even spray with the push of a button.

Product Details

Microfiber Wholesale’s Bottle Rocket Mop Kit is a fantastic mop tool for those who want to leave the mop bucket (or sink) behind! The kit includes our 16” Bucketless Microfiber Mop System and 5 of our 18” Microfiber Wet Mop Pads, and a 52" handle. This is a great value for a professional quality mop tool and mop pads. This is the only microfiber mop tool that features a pressurized tank. That means you don’t have to constantly pump the trigger to release the cleaning solution like other microfiber sprayer mops. Those types of tools will quickly cause fatigue in the operator’s hands. With this sprayer handle you simply pump up the tank a few times then release the cleaning solution by pressing a button.

To Ensure The Best & Long Lasting Use, Please Follow Our Simple Proper Maintenance Instructions: 
1. Do not use this tool with vinegar. The acidity will break down the seals causing leaks
2. Remember to release the pressure from the tank when you are finished cleaning.
3. After cleaning, flush out the spray nozzle tool with warm water.
4. Use caution when transporting the mop from place to place.

Our Bottle Rocket Mops need to be properly cared for
. If not properly maintained, we are not responisibe for malfunctions or replacement parts, unless it is a verified manufacturers defect. Replacement parts are available here.
• Eliminates waste water completely
• Saves $$ on chemicals by using only what you need
• Reduces water usage by 97% over conventional mopping methods in hospital applications
• Ergonomic design eliminates potential injury from filling and emptying mop buckets
• Saves labor involved in filling buckets and wringing out mops
• Shorter drying times reduce risk of slip and fall injuries
More about the tool:
Construction: Our Bottle Rocket Mop Kit is made from aluminum and high impact plastic. The handle itself is aluminum with durable plastic components including the tank, sprayer nozzle as well as the mop frame (the plastic frame won’t scuff the floor!). The mop attaches to the frame with hook and loop Velcro® type material. The handle also features an adjustable hook for safely hanging on maid’s carts or wall hooks. The frame swivels allowing 360 degree maneuverability. The tool comes with a 20 oz. tank or an optional 30 oz. tank.
Size: 4”x16” (10cm x 41cm)
Material: Aluminum with High Impact Plastic
Attach: Velcro® type hook and loop
Use with: 18” Microfiber Wet Mop Pad, 17” Microfiber Angle Wet Mop Pad – not included
Handle Length: 52"
More about the Microfiber Mop Pads:
Microfiber Wholesale's 18” Microfiber Wet Mop Pad is our most popular of all mop pads. It’s simple and effective. The lint free mop pad is constructed from looped polyester / polyamide blend microfiber yarn and looped polyester. The looped polyester is added to help the mop glide across the floor; too much microfiber would make it next to impossible to push across the floor. The microfiber / polyester face yarn is sewn to a Velcro ® style loop backing with overlock stitching on the edges.
Sizes: 5” x 18” (13.5cm x 46cm)
Color: Light Blue/Medium Blue
Blend: Light Blue yarn is 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide  - Medium Blue yarn is 100% Polyester
Denier: .1-.2 Weight: 470 Grams per Square Meter (Face Yarn)
Backing: Velcro style loop
First, fill the removable tank with your cleaning or disinfecting solution. Next, place the tank in the holder attached to the handle and give the tank a quarter turn in a clockwise direction. Pressurize the bottle with 5 or 6 pumps. Then attach a microfiber mop to the frame and begin mopping. Release the cleaning solution by pressing the button on the top of the handle with your thumb. The idea is to keep the mop pad damp, not to soak the floor. Mop the floor working the tool in a figure eight motion while swiveling the frame to keep the same edge in front so you don’t leave any soil behind. Depending on how dirty the floor is your mop pad may become saturated with soil before the tank runs dry. After use you should flush out the tool with warm water. Written instructions are included with each tool.


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Product Reviews

Reviewed by
William Rowe bought "Bottle Rocket Mop Kit" on our website
06/25/2016 - 11:27:59 AM
I was in the hospital recently and noticed the cleaning crew was using Microfiber mops. As I watched I knew I had to have one for my wood floors at home. Soon after I returned home I ordered a Microfiber mop kit from this website. It came within the week and it was exactly what I ordered. As I am getting older the big string mop and bucket had become a real chore for me. This Microfiber mop is such a blessing! Without hesitance I give it and the quick service five stars!

Patti R. /Okla.
Reviewed by
James Nodwell bought "Bottle Rocket Mop Kit" on our website
10/17/2016 - 11:54:10 AM
I own a commercial cleaning business, and this was the product I wanted to use to get rid of the mop and mop bucket. This product enabled me to do just that and also saves me time, now I can clean faster.
Reviewed by
Jane Kashner bought "Bottle Rocket Mop Kit" on our website
04/17/2017 - 04:33:14 PM
The Rocket has made my job of cleaning amenity centers so much easier. Not only does it clean a much wider space but it leaves the floors so clean!
Reviewed by
Wayne Beebe bought "Bottle Rocket Mop Kit" on our website
07/09/2017 - 07:54:34 AM
I feel this product is good for residential use only and for someone who is around 5 foot 5. I am 6 foot tall and the pole is not long enough. It should be adjustable and also the spray pattern should be adjustable as well. It is also bottom heavy and feels flimsy while cleaning.
Reviewed by
Georgette LeGrand bought "Bottle Rocket Mop Kit" on our website
09/20/2017 - 11:30:04 AM
When I googled the best mop this company came up I liked what I read so I purchased 1 I clean my church and the old mop took forever it seemed like....with this mop I was done in 20 minutes with out having to go back over the floor .... I purchased 2 more 1 for work and 1 from home..
Reviewed by
Milca Garcia bought "Bottle Rocket Mop Kit" on our website
01/31/2018 - 03:07:26 PM
The bottle rocket mop kit lives up to its name, my employees love it, no changing water, no wringing of mop, no dirty water and a breeze to change pads, safe to work with saving money on workers comp, productivity and quality up. Highly recommend it. I will be using it in all work sites.
Reviewed by
Kami Hill bought "Bottle Rocket Mop Kit" on our website
03/16/2018 - 02:43:06 AM
Fantastic! I'm in love, I tell everyone, that I can, how amazing this wet microfiber mop is. I have several pets and laminate flooring all through my house. This mop truly cuts my mop time to less than half the time it took to mop with a sponge mop. It is easy to fill the canister, which holds a lot of cleaner and it is easy to replace the mop pad and wash them. I highly recommend this mop, it is well worth the money invested in this product. I also recommend using Bruce's hardwood and laminate floor cleaner with this mop if you have laminate or hardwood floors. The cleaner and the mop combined means less scrubbing and fewer passes over the areas that are quite soiled with sticky foods and dog drool. I wish I had known about it sooner! Thank you for a wonderful product!
Reviewed by
Sarah M. bought "Bottle Rocket Mop Kit" on our website
08/06/2018 - 09:20:01 AM
Very great to clean a small area quickly (exam rooms) and the floors dry much faster vs. a traditional mop.