Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels – Product video

Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels by Microfiber Wholesale

The Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels rank with the top quality auto detailing towels out there on the market. They’re super soft and plush. Meant to clean aggressively without being abrasive on delicate surfaces.

These towels are two-sided with different textures: one side is ultra plush and the other is medium terry. They’re material is made up of hundreds of thousands of microfibers that make the towels super absorbent of liquid, dust, and dirt. They’re available in three sizes, for applications such as detailing, polish and wax as well as drying.

Ultra Plush Towels are also great general cleaning towels. Since they’re so plush, in addition to using them in auto detaling applications, our customers use them for everything from dusting to drying dogs, they are even strong enough to handle horses!

Check them out here:
16 x 24 Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels
24 x 36 Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels

Check out our full line of microfiber towels:

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