Prevent glass streaks

Prevent Glass streaking when Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

A streaky window is not a clean window. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting time and effort into cleaning windows just to find streaks everywhere. Microfiber Wholesale’s system of dual microfiber towels produce sparkling, spotless windows and mirrors in a fast, efficient manner. Say goodbye to streaks for good!

This process is complete in just a few easy steps.

First, wet the green cloths in the sink and wring them out. You want them damp, but not dripping. Then take the green cloth in one hand and wipe down the glass. Next, take the blue glass cloth in your other hand, dry the glass. Do it quick before the glass dries on its own!

That’s it. You’re done. Your streaks are gone and you just cleaned your glass in seconds without breathing in chemicals or wasting paper towels!

The reason this works so much better than the spray and wipe method is the first cloth cleans and the second cloth dries. When you’re spraying and wiping you’re trying to pick up soil and dry in one pass. It doesn’t work. The streaks you see is the soil that gets left behind and smeared on the glass. Our method really doesn’t take much more time but it does a much better job, guaranteed!

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