Mop Charging Bucket

Mop Charging Bucket for Microfiber Mops

Mop Charging Buckets are designed for moistening microfiber wet mop pads. Use them to pre-moisten with water, cleaning solution or disinfectant and store them until you’re ready to use them on the job. These are great for cleaning companies who want their crews to have enough mop pads to last the way without having to use their customers sink to moisten pads.

The lid is water tight so you can flip the bucket to make sure your solution soaks all your microfiber mops. This is why these are sometimes called top down mop buckets. The bucket is lined with measuring marks in both gallons and liters.

So you just place your wet pads inside, then pour your water or cleaning solution in the bucket. You want to dampen the mops, not soak them, so get an idea for how much solution it will take. Eighteen inch mop pads usually take about 3 to 4 ounces of fluid per pad. Seal the lid then flip the bucket to moisten all the pads.

The Mop Charging Buckets hold up to 6 gallons. Large enough to stack up to 25 of our 20 inch microfiber mops. Pads up to 20 inches fit length wise just fine and pads up to 38 inches only needed to be folded over once. Learn more and order at Microfiber Wholesale dot com.

We also have a smaller version of the bucket which is designed for microfiber towels. Use it to pre-moisten cloths with disinfectant or cleaning solution.

Check out our new and improved Charging Bucket:

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