Microfiber Waffle Towels – Video

Microfiber Waffle Towels by Microfiber Wholesale

Microfiber Waffle Towels are designed specifically for drying, but also work great for scrubbing. These towels effectively soak up liquid and release it when wrung out by hand. Great for drying dishes, hard surfaces, and even windows to leave them streak and spot free.

These towels are made up of hundreds of thousands of microfibers that help the cloths absorb up to seven times their own weight in liquid. The high-low construction picks up liquid in the high sections to wick it down to the lows, which leaves a dryer surface of the towel. The variation on the surface of the towel is also what makes them great for scrubbing. Their edges are sewn with over lock stitching so these towels are durable to last hundreds of washings.

Microfiber Waffle Towels are perfect to keep around when you need cloths specifically great at drying or something a little more aggressive for scrubbing.

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