Microfiber Mops vs Traditional Mops

Microfiber Mops vs Traditional Mops

Stop wasting time and effort cleaning with traditional mops. They’re don’t work very well and have to be replaced often. Our Microfiber Mops clean in a fraction of the time that traditional mops do… they do a much better job of it too!

Traditional mops require you to use a bucket and chemical cleaners, and unless you’ve upwards of $100 in a good bucket and wringer, they’re messy to use too! On the other hand, our microfiber mops can just be moistened in the sink and clean great with just plain water! That means no more lugging around mop buckets and no more harmful chemical cleaners!

Microfiber mops work so much better because each of the tiny, microscopic fibers reach into the depressions of the floor surface and lift away the contaminants.

Best of all, they require minimal effort. A fully adjustable, pivoting handle allows you to mop without straining your back unlike traditional mops.

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