Microfiber Mop Bucket – Charging Bucket

Microfiber Mop Charging Bucket

Check out our Microfiber Mop Charging Buckets! They are available in 3 colors, and come with amzing water tight lids and have optional wheels. Use these charging buckets by placing dry microfiber wet mop pads in the bucket, pour in a measured amount of cleaning solution or disinfectant, close the lid, flip upside down and allow the liquid to wick through the pads. Once the pads are moistened you can use them right out of the bucket without having to with wringing them out!

MicrofiberWholesale.com’s Microfiber Mop Charging Bucket is the tool you need for wetting your microfiber mops for cleaning and disinfecting jobs and keeping them that way until you are ready to start using them. They feature a water tight lid; this means you can turn the bucket upside down to make sure your cleaning or disinfecting solution completely soaks your microfiber mops. In fact, that’s the correct way to use this type of bucket to “charge” your microfiber mops. This type of bucket is sometimes called a top down mop bucket. The microfiber mop bucket is made from durable plastic which is smooth and non-porous which helps prevent bacteria growth and also cleans up easily. The bucket features a carrying handle with grips which is convenient for carrying it from room to room. Inside the bucket you’ll find measuring marks in both Gallons and Liters.

Check out our Microfiber Mop Charging Buckets

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