Disposable Microfiber Towels – video

Disposable Microfiber Towels by Microfiber Wholesale

Disposable Microfiber Cloths are great cleaners for jobs that might ruin regular microfiber towels. They hold dust and dirt and absorb liquid efficiently and clean aggressively without being abrasive. These are safe to use on smooth surfaces like windows or auto bodies, but durable enough to handle coarse surfaces too.

They’re available in two sizes, but can be cut into smaller pieces to fit any specific need without any worry of unraveling. They’re machine washable, and really soften up once they’ve been used and feel almost like a chamois (shammy).

Both Sizes available right here:
12×12 Disposable Microfiber Cloths
16×16 Disposable Microfiber Cloths

Despite their name, Disposable Microfiber Cloths are actually quite durable as you can see. They just won’t last as long as a woven microfiber towel.

For more information on our microfiber towels check out our full catalog:

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