Color Coded Microfiber Wet Mop Pads

Color Coded Microfiber Wet Mop Pads by Microfiber Wholesale

The Color Coded Wet Mop Pads are perfect for designating mops for different areas or purposes. They feature colored banding around the edge which also adds to their longevity. The color coded pads are constructed with a foam core surrounded by lint free microfiber yarn and backed with heavy duty velcro.

The hook and loop backing on these pads are built to last longer and not deteriorate. Perfect for cleaners who swap pads frequently and work on a large scale. The foam core allows for storing water or cleaning solution while on the job so you can go longer between rinses or wash cycles.

The density of the yarn helps this pad reach into floor depressions and tiny crevices to remove over 99 percent of bacteria present. Ideal for situations where disinfecting is key like health care facilities. The colored banding is great for designating different mops to different rooms or uses at a facility.

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