Cleaning the Kitchen with Microfiber

Cleaning your kitchen with microfiber

The kitchen can be a tough place to clean. Grease and dried on food stains always take some extra work to get removed. But I have a few tips for you about using microfiber cleaning products to alleviate some of that pain in the kitchen.

Plan ahead. Spray the trouble spots with cleaner or degreaser beforehand. Those are usually the stove, oven hood, etcetera. Remember to work top to bottom so you don’t have to clean the same area twice. Work left to right when possible, although I like to end at the sink.

We’re going to use a microfiber towel for most of the cleaning. We have a few products for specific uses, but you can never go wrong with the all purpose microfiber towel. They’re better at scrubbing when they’re damp, but I don’t want it sopping wet so if I don’t already have a cloth that I’ve been using that I can be rinsed and wrung, I’ll grab a new one.

Since there are no overhead cabinets in this area, I’ll go ahead and wipe down the countertops until I reach the sink. This way anything I collect in my microfiber towel can be pushed into the sink. As I go I’m wiping down any appliances I come across. The toaster and dishwasher will get wiped down with the All Purpose Towel then again with the glass cloth so no streaks are left behind.

Now I’m going to pick up from the other side of the kitchen and end up at the sink. I’m doing the same thing except now I’m also wiping down the overhead cabinets. On the oven, use an all purpose towel to clean it off with water or disinfectant. Then, again, grab a glass cleaning towel for drying to stay streak free.

Use one of our microfiber scrubbing sponges for the sink. These can be real aggressive on dried food particles, but all these products on non-abrasive. They work great with powdered cleaners in the sink like Ajax or Comet.

Finally, finish it up on the floor with a wet mop. Check out our wet mop method video, but basically you want to keep a figure eight motion as you work your way from back of the room to the door. This will make sure you collect all the large debris up front on the leading edge.

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