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Microfiber Silk Cloths

I’ve got another new product that I know you’re going to like. They’re our Microfiber Silk Cloths. Well, they’re not actual silk, but are often described as such because of their silk-like texture. They’re the kind of cloths you get when you buy a pair of sunglasses or a lens cleaning kit.

Really, we got these towels because there’s such a high demand for them to be customized with our microfiber towel printing. They’re perfect for that! In fact, if you want an inexpensive give away that people will actually use and therefore remember you and your company, get some! Who doesn’t need a cloth to clean their glasses or wipe down their iPhone?

So, as you might have guessed, they’re available printed and plain. They’re also available in two sizes and 6 colors. See the links below for more info and to purchase:

6×6 Microfiber Silk Cloth
8×8 Microfiber Silk Cloth
6×6 Printed Microfiber Silk Cloth
8×8 Printed Microfiber Silk Cloth

Microfiber Mini Duster

We just received a shipment of our new Microfiber Mini Duster, and we’re pretty excited about it. Yeah, that’s right… we get excited about dusters, so what? I’m not even kidding either, Tony in the warehouse snapped this pic of me posing next to a pallet of them this morning:

Brett Excited About Dusters

My dad used to call that a “mule eating briers grin”.

These are actually pretty cool. Like so many of our other innovative products, this wasn’t our idea at all. In fact, I had to be convinced. This was dreamed up by customers. Many of our professional cleaner customers had been using a disposable Swiffer® duster. They liked the shape of it and the way it worked, but because it wasn’t launderable it was actually really expensive. We were asked if we had a solution, we did not… and neither did any of our competitors so we went and found one!

Behold, the Microfiber Mini Duster:

Microfiber_Mini_Duster w


See why we’re so excited?

This needs to be in your cleaning arsenal, especially if you’re a pro. Click here to order your Mini Duster today!


Navy Blue Microfiber Towels

We’ve added yet another color to our All Purpose Microfiber Towels. We now carry a Navy Blue Microfiber Towel in the 16″x16″ size. This brings us to a total of 13 colors for this size… which is more variations than most people could ever possibly need! However, if you feel the need to color code microfiber towels for 13 different tasks, well, we can help you make that happen!16x16 Navy Microfiber Towels

The construction of the new towel is the same as the others, 300 grams per square meter with an overlock stitch. They’re bulk packed 50 to a poly bag, but don’t worry about that… order however many you need and we’ll send them!

Click here to order your 16″x16″ Navy Microfiber Towels


New, Better Microfiber Mop Frame & Tool

24_Angle_Microfiber_Mop_ToolWe’re happy to introduce our new Angle Microfiber Mop Frame and Tool, which is the handle and the frame combined. We decided to bring in these new mop handles to simplify things and because they’re an improvement in design over the Trapezoid Tools they’ll eventually replace.

First, these microfiber mop frames are have the same shape as the Trapezoid Frame. This design helps you get the mop into corners and its low profile makes mopping under furniture and under doors easier.

Second, the swivel mechanism on these frames is much improved compared to the Trapezoid Frame. In fact, it’s the same design as the almost foolproof swivel in Heavy Duty Frames. Our customers have raved about the durability of the Heavy Duty Frames, and we expect the same great performance from the new Angle Frames & Tools.

Lastly, these new frames work with our Heavy Duty and Stainless SteeAngle_Microfiber_Mop_Framel telescoping handles! Both of these handles are now threaded so you can also use them with our Microfiber Dusters. No longer do you need separate handles for your mops and dusters.

The new frames and tools are available in the following sizes:
16” Angle Microfiber Mop Frame | 16” Angle Microfiber Mop Tool (Use with 18” Mops)
18” Angle Microfiber Mop Frame | 18” Angle Microfiber Mop Tool (Use with 20” Mops)
24” Angle Microfiber Mop Frame | 24” Angle Microfiber Mop Tool (Use with 26” Mops)

Simplify your mopping! Order yours today, click here!

New Item: 12″x12″ Black Microfiber Cloths

Finally… we have 12″x12″ Microfiber All Purpose Cloths in black. This has probably been Black Microfiber Towelsthe most requested item we’ve ever had, and now we’ve got them.

These are a great for really dirty jobs where you don’t want to stain the towel. These small black microfiber towels excel at auto detailing, especially cleaning rims and tires.

As with the rest of our All Purpose Microfiber, these are made from 300 gram per square meter material and our finished with overlock stitching. They’re super absorbent and designed to last a long time. We also have our 16″x16″ Black Microfiber Towels available if you need a larger size.

Click here: to buy black microfiber cloths or for more information

New Item: 8″x8″ All Purpose Cloths

We added a new cloth to our Microfiber Towels section, it’s an 8″x8″ All Purpose Microfiber Cloth. This is the same material as our 12″x12″, 16″x16″, and 16″x24″ version on the towel.

8x8 All Purpose Microfiber ClothFor the now we’re only selling these cloths in 50 packs and they’re only available in Blue. These cloths are not an ideal size for general cleaning and dusting. They’re better suited for applying a cleaner or polish. We brought these in because we had a lot of customers looking for a cloth this size to include in the packaging of a product they were selling, usually to apply a liquid.

They’re also a great size for printing. If you need an inexpensive cloth for a give away, this is a pretty good option.

You can click here to order.

Great Deal on Custom Printed Microfiber Cloths!

Need a trade show give-away that people will actually use?
Want a custom printed microfiber cloth to include with your product?
Been looking for an inexpensive way to show appreciation to your customers?

Printed Microfiber Suede Cloth 2

We’re now offering an amazing deal on custom printed microfiber cloths! For as low as $0.67 each you can get your anything you want printed on our popular 6″x6″ Microfiber Suede Cloths. That price includes both the cloth and the printing! For that low price we’ll print your logo, contact info, or whatever else you can think of in a 3”x3” area in the corner of the cloth.

There is a minimum order of 150 cloths. We’re able to print in any color or colors except white. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

Click the following link for more info or to order: Printed Microfiber Suede Cloth

New Item: Chenille Microfiber High Duster

Introducing our new Chenille Microfiber High Duster! This duster is replacing our Chenille Microfiber High DusterPremium High Duster for several reasons. The Chenille duster has a much higher capacity to pick up and hold dust. This new duster is oversized, so even as it shrinks during laundering it will still fit on our flexible duster handle.

You can dust quickly and easily with our Chenille Microfiber High Duster so professional cleaners can get on to the next job more quickly and homeowners can get back to more important things than cleaning! This duster is great because of its capacity and the fact that you can bend it to fit around just about anything. They’re great for cleaning ceiling fans, around electronics, appliances, and anything else that needs to be cleaned.

You can order our Chenille Microfiber High Duster here.

As mentioned, we are discontinuing our Premium High Duster. Lately we’ve been having issues with the cover being made to small to easily slide over the handle. This new duster is superior, so we’re replacing it with a better product.

New Item: Microfiber Blind Duster

Microfiber Blind Duster

This is a great new duster that makes cleaning blinds of any size a breeze. The
ingenious design of our Microfiber Blind Duster allows you to clean the top and bottom of three blinds with each pass. It features three removable / adjustable padded fingers which are covered with high quality, machine washable chenille microfiber covers. Because the fingers are removable and adjustable you can configure the duster to fit any size blinds. The duster accepts an acme threaded handle / adapter to you can clean high overhead.

Replacement covers are available, so is an adapter which allows you to articulate that duster at any angle to help you clean while the duster is at the end of extension handle.

easyclean blind cleaner

New Items: Stainless Steel Threaded Handles

4' Stainless Threaded HandleThere are a few new handles in our Replacement Handles and Frames section. They’re both made from Stainless Steel. They’re telescoping and have an acme thread tip. This means you can attach it to anything that accepts a threaded handle, including many of our microfiber dusters.

We’re carrying this handle in two sizes. The first is a 6′ handle that telescopes from 42” to 70”. In addition to working with our dusters, this handle will also mate to our Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Frames. The 4′ version telescopes from 32” to 48”. Both handles feature an adjustable foam grip.