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The Best Way to Clean High-Risk Surfaces

The Best Way to Clean High-Risk Surfaces

As a brand that’s been in the cleaning business for decades, we know how important it is to use pro-quality cleaning supplies. Professional tools do the heavy lifting and provide you better efficiency to tackle difficult tasks — effortlessly.

When cleaning surfaces considered “germ factories,” however, many tend to reach for paper towels or throw-away rags over their reusable microfiber. While you may be preventing cross-contamination this way, you’re missing out on the key benefits of using microfiber.

In this post, we’ll discuss why using paper towels and old rags won’t clean as well as you think, and can cost you more in the long run. We’ll also show you professional cleaners’ worst-kept secret for effective deep cleaning while preventing cross-contamination: our Reusable and Disposable Microfiber MWipes™.

Deep Cleaning is No Place for Paper Towels

When cleaning surfaces that are brimming with bacteria, like the good old porcelain throne, it’s common for even professionals to use disposable options, like paper towels.

The problem with using paper towels is:

      • They’re not very absorbent, so you need to use more.
      • They break down quickly, so you go through them fast.
      • They leave lint and filaments behind — forget about polishing mirrors and glass.
      • Even with disinfectant, they do a lousy job of actually cleaning.

In general, if you’re cleaning with anything besides microfiber, you’re likely leaving germs and bacteria on the table — literally.

We’re not just saying that because we sell microfiber. It’s science.

But, we get it.

Nobody wants to use their reusable microfiber on a filthy toilet bowl — even if you launder the heck out of it — because it might end up cleaning a kitchen countertop next week. And even though it’s probably clean, you just *never know*.

So you compromise the quality of the clean to prevent cross-contamination by using paper towels.

But, as mentioned, paper towels are ineffective and will eventually end up costing you more because they’ll need constant replenishment.

As a supplier of cleaning tools, we wanted to solve this common issue. So, we created a disposable cleaning towel that works better than every other single-use option out there.

The secret? You guessed it: microfiber.

Our Disposable Microfiber MWipes™ are made from 100GSM non-woven microfiber, so they won’t fray. They're also 100% lint-free, which you certainly can't say about paper towels — or most cleaning towels, for that matter.

These pick up dirt and germs easily, and work beautifully with disinfectants and any of your other cleaning sprays.

The key feature of these towels is that they are disposable, yet extremely durable. Use them, rinse them out, and keep going till you’re done. 

You get so much more use out of one towel compared to paper towels.

They’re also absorbent. Soak up messy spills or diaper blowouts quickly. And they effectively clean any surface wet or dry.

When dry, they feel sturdy, yet soft. When wet, they feel and work like chamois. Use them to deep clean, dry, and even polish surfaces with their no-scratch and lint-free construction.

What’s even more impressive is that, although these towels are disposable, you can also launder and reuse them if you really wanted to. Take that, paper towels.

Out With the Old Rags

There are times when a paper towel is really not going to cut the mustard. So you whip out your old t-shirt-turned-cleaning-rag.

The problem with using old rags for cleaning is:

      • You don’t always know what fabric it is, which makes it harder to clean properly.
      • They weren’t originally designed for cleaning, and therefore are not as absorbent.
      • They almost always suck at polishing any surface, like mirrors and stainless steel.
      • They don’t effectively pick up germs and bacteria, spreading them around instead.

While it’s a thrifty idea to repurpose your old garments as cleaning cloths, they won’t curb cross contamination. And you’ll end up spending more time going over and over messes to get them cleaned up. 

When you could have just gone over the spot with a microfiber towel — once.

Again, we know not everyone wants to use their good towels on filthy surfaces. So we constructed a reusable cloth, and it’s one of our favorite and most underrated products: our Reusable Microfiber MWipes™.

These cloths are what you’d get if our Disposable Microfiber MWipes™ and our MW Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towels had a baby. Made from 200GSM split microfiber, they’re designed to be laundered dozens of times before losing their integrity.

Like all of our microfiber, dirt and germs get trapped in the fibers, unlike other fabrics, like cotton. So you can confidently wipe over any surface knowing it’s certainly clean.

Made for professional use, these cloths are soft, super absorbent, and come in a pack of 50. They also come in three colors, so you can practice color-coded cleaning for better cross-contamination prevention.

They’re reusable, but also dispensible, so you won’t feel guilty using them on a filthy mess, then tossing them out after a single use.

These cloths outlast and outperform any of your old rags.

Make Your Cleaning Power Unstoppable

Serious deep cleaning is no place for paper towels and old rags. And as experts in microfiber, we take cleaning seriously.

All of our products are thoughtfully and intentionally designed with the user in mind.

Our MW Pro microfiber towels are our best sellers for good reason. Our Pro Mop Kit makes deep cleaning floors a breeze. We have a range of dusters to tackle all those tricky spots. And our glass kit is designed to clean and polish with just water.

Add our Reusable and Disposable MWipes™ to your cleaning arsenal, and you’ve got yourself a truly unstoppable cleaning kit.

Order today, and get free, fast shipping.

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