Microfiber Towel Printing

  • Want To Show Your Customers How Much They Mean To You & Keep Them Coming Back? Give These As Gifts. There’s no better way to show your gratitude than to give them a gift they'll use and keep. Whether you’re a pro cleaner, own a shop, or anything else under the sun…printing your logo and contact info on the highest quality microfiber towels will be a sure hit to your customer and will lead to more business!
  • Looking To Grow Your Business And Look Even More Professional, Instantly? If you’d like to grow your business through smart brand marketing, having printed microfiber towels is your answer. How much more professional would you be if the towels you were using had your logo printed on them? Order today, you’ll love it!
  • The Perfect Way For Your Brand Stand Out. Whether you’re a 1 man show cleaning offices, or you’ve got a chain of hotels…this is the perfect way for your brand to stand above the rest and be a constant reminder to potential customers of your business!
  • Highest Quality Printing For The Price Anywhere. Put Us To The Test. Instead of having to drop these off at the local print shop and risking that they ruin your towels because they didn’t understand just how delicate it can be to print on microfiber the right way…give our print services a try. Our prices are very competitive for the quality –you won’t be disappointed!
  • Get Your Towels Faster From Your All-In-One Source. Don’t want to wait around an extra week (or more) for the print shop to get your towels printed after they’ve arrived? Order them and get your printing done by us; you’ll have them quicker and in better shape than anywhere else! Don’t believe me? Try it today risk free.

No Art Charges ♦ No Limit to the Number of Colors ♦ Fast Turnaround 

We can customize your microfiber towels with your logo, contact info, and just about anything else you can imagine! We do the dye sublimation printing in-house and, unlike screen printing or silk screening, the process we use doesn’t affect your ability to use the towel. In fact, the printed area doesn’t feel any differently than the rest of the towel!

We’ve simplified our process so it’s easier than ever to order!

  1. Click on an item below to take you to the product page. The pricing on the product page is for the finished product, so it includes the towel and the printing.
  2. Select the size you want your artwork to be printed and where on the towel it should be printed.
  3. Select the color of the towel if applicable and other options like grommets or packaging.
  4. Upload your artwork or agree to email it later.
  5. Add to cart and complete the checkout process.
  6. Within 2 business days of receiving your artwork we’ll email you a proof of your printed towel. At that point you can make changes. We won’t print your order until you’ve approved it!

Please keep the following in mind when ordering:

  • Lead time to ship once you approve the proof is 1-2 weeks. We can expedite if arrangements are made before hand.
  • We cannot print on black towels.
  • We cannot print the color white. If there is white in your design it will show up as the color of the towel.
  • The logo should be darker than the towel and have good contrast. For instance, don’t print beige on a brown towel.
  • Our printing process uses heat and pressure which flattens the towel. They will fluff back up if you launder them.