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Free and Clear Microfiber Detergent

Microfiber Detergent
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Weight 3.75 lbs
Our price: $10.27
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Our Free and Clear Microfiber Detergent is free of scent, fabric softeners and optical brighteners. It’s ultra concentrated and will clean a 25 gallon load with just one ounce. Free and Clear is great for microfiber because it maintains the microfiber’s static charge while getting it deeply clean.
Picked by our customers! We didn’t just pick a microfiber detergent randomly; we let our customers help us decide. We tested 4 different detergents that were specifically formulated to clean microfiber ourselves and quickly eliminated 2 of them. We then asked our customers who receive our newsletter to volunteer to test the remaining two samples. Every customer that tested microfiber detergents for us chose Free and Clear! Some of these customers had been using detergents specifically formulated for microfiber previously and are switching to this.
Also available in the following sizes:
1 Gallon
5 Gallon Deltangular
5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
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